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EarthSpun® Certified Recycled Yarns

The world is going green, and Patrick Yarns is leading the revolution in spinning high quality yarns from recycled fibers. Our proprietary engineered process of certified textile recycling reclaims unwanted cloth or garment fabrics without seriously damaging the fibers.

This process gives Earthspun® recycled yarn products and our customers unique performance advantages in a wide range of eco-friendly knitted, woven, braided applications and processes.

Recycling Facts

  • 10 plastic bottles = 1 pound of polyester fiber
  • 1 ton (2000) lbs of plastic bottles recycled saves 3.8 barrels of oil
  • 1 million plastic bottles recycled saves 250 barrels of oil
  • 1 million plastic bottles recycled eliminates 180 metric tons of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere
  • 10% of all US oil consumed (2 million barrels per day) is used to make plastics
  • Recycling plastic bottles takes 8 times less energy than to produce an equivalent amount of new ones
  • 150 fleece garments made from recycled plastic bottles save 1 barrel of oil
  • 500 t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles saves 1 barrel of oil
  • 50 back packs made from recycled plastic bottles saves 1 barrel of oil
  • Supplying the plastic bottles that Americans consume each year requires 47 million barrels of oil and releases 1.0 billion pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere

Successful Yarn Applications

  • Colored recycled fiber blends producing economical colorfast yarns
  • Integrating recycled fibers in the yarn center to create a core filler
  • Matching a recycled fiber percentage within a high value, yet economical performance blend
  • Optimizing a higher valued recycled fiber percentage in a commodity-driven yarn to enhance product value without significant price disruptions

Fiber and Yarn Construction Capabilities

  • FIBERS: All natural and manmade fibers and blends
  • OPEN-END: .4Ne. to 14Ne. or .67Nm to 23.6Nm. in singles and plies
  • DREF SPUN: Customized solutions and proprietary capabilities
  • TWISTING: Up to 16 components