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EarthSpun® Certified Recycled Yarns

EarthSpun® Sales Sheet
Spun By The Sun® Sale Sheet
Patrick Yarns has built a successful reputation of spinning quality yarns from recycled and Earth-friendly fibers. With the guidance of our experienced team, our customers can select from the specific sustainable fiber and spinning system that best suits their desired performance, appearance and economies for their market.

Spinning systems include:

  • Open end, Dref or Ring

Recycled fibers include:

  • Reclaimed natural and dyed garment clips
  • Recycled clear and colored PET chips from original use. Trademarks include:
    • Beer Bottle Brown® -- Brown fiber from plastic beer bottles
    • Soda Pop Green® -- Green fiber from soda pop bottles
    • Water Bottle Blue® -- Blue fiber from water bottles
    • X-ray Gray® -- Gray fiber from X-ray film
    • Food Tray Black® -- Black fiber from food trays
    • Natural-Clear Bottle White® -- Natural fiber from clear water bottles
    • Ketchup Bottle Red® -- Red from ketchup bottles
    • Mustard Bottle Yellow® -- Yellow from mustard bottles
    • And a variety of other colors upon request
  • Wool Natural and Colors (when available)
    • Silk Noils and Fiber
  • Recycled Bast Fibers
    • Recycled Hemp/ Jute (fibers from coffee and coca bags)
  • Performance Fibers
    • Aramids
    • Opf

Sustainable Fibers include:

  • Bast Fibers
    • Flax/ Jute/ Hemp/ Knaf/ Ramie
  • Sustainable Fibers
    • Rayon made from Bamboo
    • PLA-made from Corn Starch
    • Soybean Fiber
  • Organic Cotton carded/ combed or in blends

Successful End Uses include:

Apparel/ Fashion
Cut Resistance
Home Furnishings
Fire Blankets
Carpet Backing
Heat Resistance

This is a partial and representative listing of Patrick Yarns sustainable solutions. This, combined with our sustainable manufacturing practices, becomes a powerful marketing tool for our customers. We welcome challenges and can engineer yarns to our customer's unique Earth-Friendly requirements.

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