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Patrick's Technical Fiber Facts

History: Flax is often considered the oldest fiber used in the Western world. Remnants have been found in excavations at the historic lake regions in Switzerland, which date back to 10,000BC. By 4000BC Egyptians were cultivating and harvesting flax as ancient wall carving show. Even the word flax meant "very useful fiber" in Latin.

Fiber Properties

  • 70% is cellulose, it cannot provoke allergies, absorbs humidity which allows the skin to breathe.
  • Linen is highly hygroscopic as it is capable of rapidly absorbing and releasing moisture as quickly as a pond surface. It can absorb up to 20 times its weight in moisture before feeling damp providing the ability to feel cool and dry to the touch.
  • Linen fabric has very low elasticity, and does not deform over time.
  • Linen does not accumulate static electricity. Even an addition of 10% flax fibers has been shown to eliminate the static electricity effect.
  • Linen is thermo regulating. Heat conductivity of linen is 5 times that of wool and 19 times that of silk. In hot weather linen clothes have been proven to show skin temperatures 3-4 C cooler than those wearing silk or cotton. Studies show a person wearing linen clothes perspires 1.5 times less than if wearing cotton and twice that if wearing viscose.
  • Linen tensile strength is twice as high as that of cotton and three times that of wool.
  • Silica present in flax fibers protects them from rotting - the mummies of Egyptian Pharaohs persevered to this day are wrapped in the finest linen cloth.

Synopsis: Fabrics made of flax and flax blends underscore naturalness. The yarns and fabrics deliver good breathe ability and hygroscopic properties giving them the ability to "stay cool" and dry to the touch. Flax's pilling property is greater than cotton and delivers better breaking strength over wool, cotton and silk and offers natural antimicrobial properties. The more linen blends are washed the smoother and softer they become.

YARNS AVAILABLE (only in blends):

Open End2.5Ne to 13Ne.
Ring Spunplease consult customer service
Blends Including: Cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, rayon & a multiple of other options
Piles:Available in a multiple of plies

This is only a partial listing of Patrick Yarns comprehensive spinning capabilities. Please consult a Patrick Yarns sales representative to help engineer yarns to your unique requirements and specifications.

Disclaimer: The preceding information is for reference only. There are no implied or written warranties concerning the use or properties of soybean protein fibers or yarns. Each customer should evaluate the yarns for their own specific end use to determine their effectiveness.

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