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Milk (Casein) Fiber Yarns & Blends

Patrick's Technical Fiber Facts

History: Casein dates back many centuries when it was used as a binder for paints. Many 14th and 15th century churches that were painted with casein based paints still appear bright and unfaded even to this day. Milk fiber was invented in the1930's in Italy and America to compete with wool. The fiber is environmentally friendly, demonstrates superior strength and has many of the same properties of wool. It truly redefines the traditional definition of an animal protein fiber.

Fiber Properties

  • Good moisture - absorption and conduction
  • Excellent dyability
  • Comfortable, white, fluffy and springy
  • Ph of 6.8 (same as the human skin)
  • Can be blended with most any fiber
  Milk Cotton Silk Wool
Fineness (dtex) 1.52 1.2-2.0 1.0-2.8 6-9
Dry tensile strength (CN/dtex) 2.8 1.9-3.1 3.8-4.0 2.6-3.5
Dry breaking elongation 25-35 7-10 11-16 14-25
Wet breaking elongation 28.8 13 27-33 50
Moisture regain 5-8 7-8 8-9 15-17
Specific gravity 1.22 1.5-1.54 1.46-1.52 1.34-1.38

Dye ability: The fiber can be dyed in bright colors using reactive, acid or cationic dye technology.

Antimicrobial Properties: A unique spinning solvent utilizing zinc ions is used in the spinning solvent when the fibers are produced. After drying and treatment this solvent produces zinc oxide, giving the fibers an inherent bacteriostatic property.

Synopsis: Fabrics made of milk (casein) yarns are comfortable with excellent dye ability, and perfect for fashion products such as T-shirts, underwear, sports wear and sweaters. The processing of the milk protein into fiber has on effect on the environment with zero formaldehyde in the fiber. So milk fiber can be considered a "green product".

YARNS AVAILABLE (only in blends):

Open End2.5Ne to 24Ne.
Ring Spun10Ne. to 30 Ne.
Blends Including: Cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, rayon & a multiple of other options
Piles:Available in a multiple of plies

This is only a partial listing of Patrick Yarns comprehensive spinning capabilities. Please consult a Patrick Yarns sales representative to help engineer yarns to your unique requirements and specifications.

Disclaimer: The preceding information is for reference only. There are no implied or written warranties concerning the use or properties of soybean protein fibers or yarns. Each customer should evaluate the yarns for their own specific end use to determine their effectiveness.

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