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Patrick's Technical Fiber Facts

History: Invented by Henry Ford in 1937 and was termed soy "wool". The fiber was used in car upholstery until World War II, whereas it became a victim of the war and cheaply available man-made fibers.

Fiber Properties

  • Feels like cashmere
  • Brilliance like silk
  • Excellent drape
  • PGood air absorption
  • Heat retention like cotton
  • Water conductivity like polyester

Moisture permeability: WVT
WVT: Moisture permeable quantity (g) per square meter of one day-g/ (m2*day)

  • Soybean: 3120
  • Cotton: 3048
  • Modal: 1488
Moisture absorbency: soybean Cotton model
Weight added (moisture absorbed) .75 .43 8.8

Dye ability: The moisture absorption of Soybean fiber is similar to cotton, however due to its dumbbell shaped cross section and the longitudinal grooves along its length, the moisture transmission and comfort is superior to cotton.

Antimicrobial Properties: The original color of soybean fiber is ivory color. It can be dyed with acid or active dyes. Its color consistency under ultraviolet light is better than cotton or viscose. However the temperatures of dyeing and setting should not exceed 100C or the fabric will become harsh.

Synopsis: Fabrics made of soybean protein yarns have a soft, smooth and light feel comparable to fabrics made from silk blended with cashmere. The yarns deliver better moisture absorption and moisture transmission than cotton providing better comfort. The pilling property is only a little greater than cotton and they deliver better breaking strength over wool, cotton and silk and deliver natural antimicrobial properties.

YARNS AVAILABLE (only in blends):

Open End2.5Ne to 24Ne.
Ring Spun10Ne. to 30 Ne.
Blends Including: Cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, rayon & a multiple of other options
Piles:Available in a multiple of plies

This is only a partial listing of Patrick Yarns comprehensive spinning capabilities. Please consult a Patrick Yarns sales representative to help engineer yarns to your unique requirements and specifications.

Disclaimer: The preceding information is for reference only. There are no implied or written warranties concerning the use or properties of soybean protein fibers or yarns. Each customer should evaluate the yarns for their own specific end use to determine their effectiveness.

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