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AQUA-TRUST® with AgION Antimicrobials

Silver has been used as an effective antimicrobial for over 2000 years, and is today used extensively in medical devices, such as catheters, and even antibiotics. That's because AgION antimicrobials are extremely safe. In fact, testing has shown that they are less toxic than table salt and less irritating than talcum powder

Silver is the clear choice.

The cornerstone of this technology is silver. Silver (Ag on the periodic table) is a naturally occurring and effective antimicrobial material in its ionic form. AgION antimicrobials feature an integrated silver ion release technology that is completely inorganic and effective against microbes in three ways:
  1. Preventing cellular respiration
  2. Inhibiting cell replication
  3. Disrupting cellular metabolism.

AQUA-TRUST® with AgION is available ONLY from Patrick Yarns.

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