Engineered for performance

High Performance

Patrick's Technical Fiber Facts
Patrick Yarn's carries a complete line of cut resistant yarns utilizing all of today's high tech fibers. We have the capability of spinning cut resistant fibers many industry professionals have deemed unspinable in the past. Incorporating three spinning technologies, Patrick yarns is capable of engineering and producing yarns to meet your most challenging demands and economies. Using standard cut resistant fibers along with innovative blends of other unique fibers, we intimate blend and spin for ultimate performance. This along with our ability to incorporate cores of glass, stainless steel, high-density polyethylene or high abrasive nylon have provided great success in the cut resistant market. Please review our Patrick Fiber Chart for our choice of fibers along with possible choice of cores.

Please remember to consult a Patrick Yarns sales representative to help engineer your next high performance cut resistant sales explosive yarn/ fabric.

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