Engineered for performance

The New X13™ Glove Yarns

Patrick's Technical Fiber Facts
X13™ Performance Yarns

Patrick Yarns proudly introduces X13™, the newest innovation in performance yarns. X13™ is a revolutionary engineered yarn incorporating the latest fiber and spinning tecnology. In recent field trials, X13™ delivered superior performance, comfort and protection over widely recognized competitive para-aramid products. Put X13™ to you challenge today.

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Xtreme Protection

  • Up to 125% Better Cut Protection*.
  • Up to 450% Better Abrasion Resistance*.

Xtreme Comfort

  • Specially engineered to wick moisture, stay cooler and more comfortable.

Xtreme Durability

  • Delivers added protection and longer life with less fabric weight, better abrasion, easy laundering.

Xtreme Safety

  • Added comfort and appearance assures consistent use and increased safety on the job.

Xtreme Difference

  • Distinct appearance designed to stand apart from traditional spun protective products.

*compared to traditional spun para-aramid yarn products.


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