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X13™ Performance Yarns

Patrick Yarns' track record of partnering with customers, learning their needs and developing yarns to increase their profitability and market share stands apart in the industrial glove yarn markets. We provide our customers with a superior, innovative and cost-effective product line, ensuring only the highest level of quality and repeatability. This special attention and dedication gives our customers the "edge" needed in today's highly competitive markets.

Check out the new Xtreme Performance X13 Cut Resistant Glove Yarns.

Innovative products and capabilities for the glove market:

  • Yarns engineered for solutions in cut and/or heat protected environments
  • Anti-microbial yarns with 'proven results'
  • Nylon blends with exceptional durability
  • EarthSPUN® Yarns, combining low environmental impact solutions with superb economic pricing.

Fibers and Spinning Solutions:

  • FIBERS: All natural and most manmade fibers including Twaron®, Conex®, PBI, cardable glass, stainless steel, EarthSPUN® fibers, colored acrylics and blends thereof.
  • OPEN-END: 12 Ne to 2 Ne and 20.3 Nm to 3.39 Nm
  • RING SPUN: Please consult a Patrick Yarn sales representative for your requirements.
  • TWISTING: Up to 16 components including wire or filaments
  • PACKAGE TYPE: Please consult a Patrick Yarn customer representative for your unique requirement.
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