Engineered for performance

Heat Resistant Fibers

Patrick's Technical Fiber Facts

Patrick Yarns spins or incorporates a complete line of heat resistant fibers and filaments. Spinning or incorporating blends of meta aramid fibers such as Conex, Aramet or other heat resistant fibers such as PBI, Basofil, Rhoyvl, modacrylic, OPF, stainless steel or even cardable glass, we can engineer a yarn for your most demanding and economic needs. With world class manufacturing capabilities of three spinning technologies, ring, open end or Dref, we have a capability of engineering heat resistant yarns not offered by other yarn manufacturers. This accompanied by our ability to spin or twist with heat resistant cores or filaments offers our customers the ultimate in heat protective/ resistant solutions.

Please consult our Patrick Fiber Chart for our complete product offering of our capabilities.

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