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MicroPOWER® Dust Mop Sales Sheet

New Dust Mop Yarns with Micro Fiber Technology

Patrick Yarns is proud to introduce MicroPOWER®, the latest technological breakthrough in dust mop performance.

Dust mop yarns have historically been constructed of standard fiber blends with conventional deniers or diameters. These blends, though effective, do not take advantage of the increased cleaning and enhanced performance properties of the latest development in micro denier fibers.
MicroPOWER® patent pending technology combines the superior cleaning properties of micro denier fibers with the rugged and proven benefits of conventional fibers. Patrick Yarns' new technology intimately blends the wedge-shaped micro denier fibers within the yarn mass. This multitude of small wedge-shaped nylon fibers gives the yarns more fiber surface area which produces increased cleaning performance.

MicroPOWER® dust mop yarns offer distinct advantages:

  • Nylon, wedge-shaped micro fibers with static generating capabilities improve dust "grabbing" properties
  • Increased surface area provides as much as 60% improvement in dust pick-up over conventional cotton dust mops
  • Easier cleaning of trapped dust
  • Reduced commercial drying time for significant energy savings
  • Reduced laundry shrinkage
  • Measurable reduction of floor linting
  • Elimination of snagging and fraying of the micro denier filaments
Now available in colorfast 2/1 Ne. red and navy. Also available in a plied 2/2 Ne. low melt configuration.

This is only one of Patrick Yarns' many capabilities. We welcome challenges to engineer yarns for our customers' unique requirements and specifications.

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