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FiberTAC® Sales Sheet

The ULTIMATE Rough Floor Mopping Solution

Patrick Yarns is proud to introduce FiberTAC®, the proven answer to abrasive floor mopping.

Rough, non-slip tile floors used in today's fast food restaurants and consumer oriented businesses are a challenge to the professional cleaning industry. These floors' naturally abrasive surface quickly shreds and destroys conventional mops. Solutions to this problem have included fabric strip mops that do not lint or fall apart but are limited due to their bulkiness and inability to absorb liquids. These mops actually just push water and because they are produced from scrap products their performance varies repeatedly with each purchase. With conventional mops, the cleaning professionals are faced with increased costs and additional time to sweep dried floors of unsightly lint and fibers left by the shredded mops.

FiberTAC® patented technology overcomes these issues and delivers to the cleaning professional the ultimate in operator friendly rough floor mopping solutions. The name FiberTAC® explains it all. Our process uses a proven blend of fibers engineered for the best cleaning performance and then tacks them together to minimize linting, shedding and unraveling of the yarns.

Mops made with Patrick Yarns' FiberTAC® Conventional rough surface mops made with Fabric Scraps
  • Premium wet mop blend requiring no break-in
  • Superior absorbency performance and consistency
  • Low mopping effort because strands glide smoothly
  • Optimum mop head weight
  • Little or no linting on rough floors
  • FiberTAC® is a trademark of and only available from Patrick Yarns
  • Fabric strips are mostly polyester and are naturally non absorbent
  • Strip mops are made from scraps of varying consistency
  • These mops are diffi cult to "swing" because the strips do not glide smoothly on the floor
  • Strips are too bulky to give full floor contact- thus requiring added work
  • They resist linting but performance is poor

Now available in 1/4 Ne White/Gold Stripe.

This is only one of Patrick Yarns' many capabilities. We welcome challenges to engineer yarns for our customers' unique requirements and specifications.

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