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MicroPOWER® Wet Mop Sales Sheet

New Wet Mop Yarns with Micro Fiber Technology

Patrick Yarns is proud to introduce MicroPOWER®, the latest technological breakthrough in wet mop performance.

Until now, the power and advantages expected of micro fibers in wet mop yarns have been limited in choice with disappointing results. Previous yarn constructions exposed the delicate micro denier fibers to abrasive fl oor surfaces thus snagging, fraying, breaking and splitting the fi bers, which greatly lowered their performance.

MicroPOWER® patent pending technology overcomes past deficiencies and elevates wet mopping to the highest level of performance, surpassing existing premium wet mops. Patrick Yarns' new technology spins the micro denier fibers within the center of the yarn thus protecting it from the abrasiveness of the floor surfaces. This construction allows the powerful wicking ability of the micro fibers to act as an unbroken channel for liquids to travel within the yarn. Liquids distribute evenly and quickly throughout the yarn structure giving MicroPOWERª yarns superior performance and durability over conventional wet mop yarns.

MicroPOWER® wet mop yarns offer distinct advantages:

  • Wet pick-up performance increased up to 50% over conventional wet mop yarns
  • Commercial drying time reduced by more than half
  • Low yarn shrinkage equivalent to a "shrinkless" mop
  • Eliminates snagging and fraying of the delicate micro fibers
  • No "streaking" of floors that is characteristic of other micro denier filament mop yarns
  • Increased bulk of 20% plus, thus reducing the weight needed for superior mopping performance
Now available in .60/4 Ne Superior Gold.

This is only one of Patrick Yarns' many capabilities. We welcome challenges to engineer yarns for our customers' unique requirements and specifications.

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