Engineered for performance

Engineered Yarns Spinning Systems

Patrick Yarns' success in developing performance yarns for specific end uses exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Our experienced team evaluates the best fiber blend, coupled with the specific spinning technology that will best meet our customer's desired performance and cost parameters. Our diverse cores and extensive twisting capabilities provide a powerful tool for our customer's product innovation and profitability.

Patrick Yarns offers a complete line of technical fibers, spun with these State-of-the-Art spinning systems:

  • Ring: 8/1 Ne (13.5Nm) to 56/1 Ne (94.8Nm)
  • Open End: .6/1 Ne (1.01Nm) to 30/1 Ne (50.7Nm)
  • Dref:  .4/1 Ne (6.78 Nm) to 8/1 Ne (13.5 Nm)

Spinning Capabilities include:

  • Intimate blends up to 6 or more fibers
  • Fibers include all fibers available on PYM technical chart • Core technology for Ring or Dref
    • Both continuous filament and/or stretch cores
    • Spandex/Fiberglass/Steel/Nylon/Poly • Combing capability for superior strength in fibers
  • Extensive capabilities of Recycled and environmentally friendly fibers
  • Specialize in custom development of yarn and constructions


Ring Spun   Open End   Dref
Heat/Fire/Cut/Chemical   Hosiery/Gloves   Filtration
Arc Flash Protection   Fire Resistant   Composites
High Abrasion Resistance   Industrial Cables   Geotextiles
Packing-Braiding   Upholstery/Drapes   Fire/Heat Protection
Low Friction Applications   Carpeting   Cut Resistant Fabrics
Base Layer Protection, Heat/Cold   Carpet Backing   Industrial Conveyors
Industrial Conveyors   Filtration   Aviation Carpeting
Electro Shielding   Swellable Yarns   Carpet Backing
Apparel/Fashion   Fiber Optics/Power Cables   Electro Shielding
Denim   Home Furnishings   Tirecord Tabby
Hosiery/Gloves   Denim    

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