Engineered for performance


Our extensive knowledge of technical textiles and new fiber technology are a powerful combination for our customers. We have an unrivalled commitment to excellence and employ state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. So we can deliver our engineered yarn products at price points that help our customers meet competitive, industry specific demands.

The Patrick Yarns Research and Development team assures Certified Performance in spinning even the most difficult fibers.

Leading edge manufacturing facilities offer the latest processing technology:

  • Intimately blend up to six different staple fiber components with extreme accuracy.
  • Diverse carding solutions
  • Modern installation of open-end spinning
  • Doubling up to 16 ends or components
  • Diverse twisting capabilities
  • Multitude of package put-up capabilities

Fiber and Yarn Construction

  • FIBERS: Natural and manmade fiber including cardable glass and blends thereof. Please see the PATRICK'S TECHNICAL FIBER FACTS for a listing of possible fibers.
  • OPEN-END: .4ne. to 14ne or .67 Nm to 23.6Nm in singles and plies
  • RING SPUN: Please consult a Patrick Yarn sales representative for your requirements.
  • TWISTING: Up to 16 components including adding a wire, filament or glass
  • PACKAGE TYPE: Please consult a customer service representative for further info
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